Theatre Rock is a band that pays tribute to the "Rock Musical" genre.
Songs from over 40 years of Broadway Rock shows are presented in a dynamic live concert performance.   Audiences of all ages are captivated by the celebration of this unique music format.   A high level of musicianship and vocal ability is the driving force behind the group. The visceral impact of a rock concert like no other is experienced by all who attend!

The Group has performed at many NY and NJ venues including: BB Kings, NJ State Fair, Toshi's Living Room, Times Scare, Villagers Theatre, Brooks Arts Center, Daress Theater, YMCAS, many outdoor town events and regional festivals.

The Band
Joe Andolino (Keyboard)
Kosaku Nakamura (Guitar)
Jason Gianni (Drums)
Tynan Hooker-Haring (Bass)

Lindsay Lavin
Daniel Peter Vissers
David Murgittroyd
Carol Wei

Theatre Rock promo video (short version 2m25s)

Theatre Rock promo video (full version 4m57s)


“The Impact of rock music on musical theatre and the resulting challenges,  successes and ultimate acceptance have ensured this genre's survival .” –  Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

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